The Acts Culture

Acts Culture

The Acts Culture of Loving-Kindness is based on the extension of God’s grace, goodness, mercy, and love without prejudice to others. Acts embraces Loving-Kindness, recognizing the inherent value in others through an attitude of respect and acceptance, without favor. Acts is committed to following God’s directives to care for seniors and, in doing so, glorifying Him through intent, purpose and righteous justice.

Acts was founded on the premise of providing high quality services to seniors in a Christian atmosphere of dignity, sensitivity and respect. Our team members are the living foundation on which our organization was built.

We are extremely proud of our team members, across all of the departments within the individual communities and within our corporate, regional and support services for all that they do each day.

Some team members touch residents’ lives directly, while others provide invaluable services to support those who do. Our desire to serve our residents with excellence is based on an equally strong desire to maintain and ensure the Acts mission and culture of Loving-Kindness is ever present in the workplace.

Our mission is expected to be reflected in our attitude, consistency, teamwork and service to our residents and to each other on a daily basis.

We hope our team members feel our culture around them and help us make Loving-Kindness a reality of our daily practices.

We encourage our team members to grow with us both professionally and personally and take advantage of the wonderful programs we offer.

The Acts Culture is committed fully to appreciate the array of cultural backgrounds, attitudes and talents demonstrated by our team members.

We strive to be a place where the best people want to work and where all team members have the opportunity to contribute to their fullest potential.